Ambulance (regional)

At the request of ambulance dispatch centers / regional ambulance services (RAV) we can provide transportation possiblilities. We offer patient transport at BLS and ALS levels. The organization and implementation is the responsibility of our medical manager and our management. This includes using our recruitment and deployment criteria and qyu policy.


Assistance in disasters

In case of an emergency due to a disaster abroad, we can arrange medical care and supervision on site. By adding doctors, nurses and psychologists to the team that is sent on behalf of the assigner. On-site care team triage plus support and where possible repatriation back. We seek cooperation with local hospitals and emergency services.

We have accumulated a lot of experience in this field of work during several missions. Recent missions are  Spain, France, Germany, Haiti, Indonesia, and Thailand in the past to other destinations.


Medical assistance in events

On request we deliver an ambulance for emergency care or medical assistance at an event site. We work in collaboration with, the organizer and relevant local emergency rooms.


Replacement driver

Our trained drivers are ready to pick up  a car, camper or caravan from home or abroad. For example in case of breakdown or illness.

We ensure that the vehicle is driven in  a responsible manner to  the desired destination.