Commercial Medical Escorts

We provide doctors and specialized nurses, for the medical care during transport of a patient on commercial airlines, worldwide. Our medical escorts are ALS trained and are experienced to work on board commercial airline flights. The patient will be visited on location and will be prepared for the repatriation. This in conjunction with the local doctors and varying local conditions in terms of logistics and medical facilities.

We can provide Full Service Flight Booking and Airline Ticketing and arrange Airline Medical Clearances. We provide specialized access to stretchers on board commercial airline flights.

Our experience helps us in organizing the trip under all circumstances.

We have modern medical equipment. A Medical bag is standard equipment on each flight. When necessary, full critical care medical equipment can be arranged. We also have a Portable Oxygen Concentrator, Eclipse. commercial medical escort oxygenAn FAA approved Portable Oxygen Concentrator for commercial air line travel; continous flow or pulse dose.


commercial medical escort

stretcher patient