Ground Ambulance

Ground ambulance airport or long-distance

We provide ground ambulance service, for more than 25 years. Our ambulance transport comes with specialized nurses, doctors and ambulance-drivers and a modern fleet consisting of Mercedes Sprinters and coach built Mercedes E-class.

Our ambulances are equipped according to the Dutch standards and adittionally equipped for transportation over long distances. Education and training is provided for our personell.

Using live vehicle tracking we are always aware of the actual status of our fleet. Our ambulances are equipped with DVD systems for patients and relatives traveling along.

ICU transport
VZA International provides Intensive Care transport, with fully equipped ICU ambulances and qualified ambulancecrew and medical doctors.
Our Mercedes Sprinter have proven very suitable and reliable for ICU ambulance transport, especially over long distances. These include room for both the doctor and nurse along with the patient. Comfort, stable handling and relatively short braking distances are important characteristics for transport over long distances and (international) motorways.

Based on the medical assessment by our medical advisor in combination with logistical aspects, it is determined whether transport is possible and safe.

Transport of newborn
For the transport of newborns, we can use our Babypod.
Prior to the transport of newborns our medical advisor assesses the condition of the patient and the transport possibilities. The transport is performed by a neonatologist, paramedic and ambulance driver.Through use of our transport incubator in one of our IC ambulances transport can take place, with monitoring and / or respiration.

Ambulance Flight
In special cases we can arrange an air ambulance; a small jet for 1 or 2 patients. With a full ICU equipment and specially trained doctors and nurses on board, we provide the necessary care needed during the flight.

Medical Escort
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